Labor Policies

Digitizing the labor policies system in Saudi Arabia.

Labor Policies

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Digitizing the labor policies system in Saudi Arabia.

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1. Background

Qiwa is a government platform that helps automate services provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government closely monitors the labor policy of all companies in the Kingdom with the aim of ensuring that company policies meet Saudi Arabia’s standards and create a safe work environment for employees. Companies had to obtain approval for their policies by physically visiting the Ministry of Labor and Social Development which was both a waste of time and resources.

2. Client Requirements

Qiwa looked to digitize the labor policies system in Saudi Arabia by creating an online platform that allowed companies to choose between creating a customized policy or using the standard policy. If the company chose to create a customized policy, the platform paired companies with registered law offices to collaborate and produce a customized policy. Once the policy had been submitted and approved by both the law office and the company. it would the be submitted to the government for approval.

3. The Challenges

It was important to develop a system design that created a smooth overall journey for companies by ensuring the smooth collaboration between companies and law offices. Also, a single company admin was responsible for the policies of multiple companies. Another important requirement was the creation of a contingency strategy in case a law office did not accept a request from a company for beyond a certain period of time.


4. The Solutions

eSpace created the Policies Platform. This platform allows company admins to log in using their existing Qiwa accounts. Once logged in, the admins can view all the companies they manage using the same account. Companies can choose to use the standard labor policy or create a new customized policy. While standard policies are automatically approved, for customized policies, a company must choose a law office and request their collaboration. If the law office does not accept the request within two weeks of the request, the request is automatically canceled and the company must choose another law office. Once a law office accepts, they collaborate with the company to create a suitable policy and submit it to the Ministry of Labor for approval. The system also allows representatives from the ministry to approve policies, and the statutes of the policy can be changed on the platform.

5. The Outcome

Since its launch in early 2019, the Policies Platform, has significantly decreased the time needed to obtain a new labor policy and has assisted thousands of companies.