About eSpace

Your trusted technology partner for digital transformation.

We Always Keep Our Promises

Because the realm of IT and digital products and services is as competitive as it is, we are proud of being the leading IT services provider in Egypt and the Middle East. It is something we have earned through two decades of helping businesses make an impact through digital transformation and by improving their digital processes.

No other discipline changes and evolves as quickly as Information Technology. Because of this fact, we take it upon ourselves to stay on top of trends and new technologies that help give our clients powerful, reliable and highly scalable web and mobile applications and solutions.

Regardless of what your organization needs, we make sure to uphold anything and everything we say we will do. We also know that quality isn’t the only concern and we know that things need to be done within budget and within a given timeframe. After all, we are here to facilitate your operations and not to delay them.

Whatever we do, we do with confidence; and that’s because we depend on a team of professionals who are at the heart of what has made eSpace the company that it is today. Aside from being as experienced as they are, every member of our team is understanding, cooperative, and uses their analytical and communication skills to work with their clients towards the desired outcomes. In fact, more than any other asset, it is our team that we depend on to realize our Vision and accomplish our Mission.

Results Speak for Themselves.

Over the past two decades our accomplishments and success stories have earned us partnerships with several governmental entities, companies and entrepreneurs. In fact, we have worked with names like Google, Vodafone, Etisalat, the Egyptian Government, the Saudi Government and many more organizations and entities. Each time we have delivered solutions to bring the visions of these organizations to life.

Aside from results that speak for themselves, there is another reason for why we are trusted by our clients: We always keep our promises.

Our Mission

Through continuous improvement of our knowledge and skills, we maintain our reputation of delivering exceptional software products and services.

Our Vision

To be the center of excellence for the Software Industry in the MENA region. We build the most innovative software solutions out of the region.