Discover how we do the best work ever at eSpace.

Planning Ahead

Before you decide to work with us, we help you analyze and plan your project. This, in turn, will allow you to determine the scope of your project and exactly what you need to accomplish it.

  • Our Fit

    Our Fit Once your needs have been identified, we’ll see if and how we are the right people for you. Clarity and frankness have been two important reasons for our success over the past two decades. We enjoy working to improve things for our clients, but if we’re unable to help, perhaps we can give you advice on finding the kind of people who can help.

  • Paint the full picture

    Paint the full picture Once we agree that working together is a good idea, we’ll ask all the questions necessary to determine what can be done and how to do it. Doing this thoroughly can save an enormous amount of time and energy later, so bear with us.

  • Budgeting

    Budgeting Because we are always realistic, we will guide you in setting a suitable budget. When you’re happy, we will then start to build a proposal within that budget.

The Process We Follow

eSpace Development Process
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Once we’ve understood your needs, we start planning how we can meet them and how we can remove as much uncertainty as possible. We define whatever challenges might lay ahead, how to deal with them, and determine any other actions required to execute the plan.

Design Sprint

The first stage of the project is a one-week long design sprint. ٌThe design sprint is inspired from Google Design Sprint, and its primary objective is to answer critical business questions through the design, prototyping, and testing of ideas. The final output of the design sprint is a design prototype of the website or mobile app. We then discuss this prototype with you, and once the final prototype is approved, the development team starts working on subsequent ‘development sprints’ that are 2 weeks long.


This is when we build a fully clickable prototype that can be shared with all stakeholders who can then review it with our technical team. At this point, we determine the most appropriate software and development architecture. If you
already have a design, we will evaluate it to make sure that it fulfills all the necessary requirements. If it requires any enhancements, our design team has you covered.


Once you’ve given us the go ahead, development starts. Our technical team is led by a scrum master who pairs with your project manager. All our projects are overseen by the solutions architect so you are never without support if issues arise. Our developers are dedicated to your project so that quality stays high.

Scrum Agile

Our teams use scrum agile methodology to drive results for our clients. Your project manager stays in close contact with our scrum master to ensure efficiency and to provide sufficient visibility and structure.


We work in two-week sprints to allow flexibility, adaptation to change, and to introduce new ideas. We keep you involved at every step of the process, and this allows us regular feedback and the ability to resolve any issues quickly.


We support your project through the launch phase and take care of server setup, data storage and deployment. If your project requires deployment to the app store, we handle that process for you as well.


When the project is ready to be launched, we help you mitigate launch risks. Moving forward, we can seek users’ feedback, respond to support inquiries, plan for new features required by your users and stay flexible as your business grows.