Just as the visit to Luxembourg a couple months ago, eSpace, under the sponsorship of ITIDA, was there to affirm the presence of Egypt in the collaboration of Mediterranean Neighborhood countries with the European Commission. eSpace, as one of the five companies selected as the most innovative software companies in Egypt, had the joint responsibility to show the prowess of Egyptian technology companies. Indeed Egypt made a strong start, with 25 companies being considered in proposed projects for ITEA2 call 4 – and all on the first time ever for Egypt to participate.

The symposium, which took place October 29, 30, was a mix between lectures, presentations, and an exhibition with over 60 projects showcasing their results and achievements. One such project that caught our eye, running for three years now and nearing completion, was Flexi, which works on putting a standard for Agile in large companies and projects. It was also particularly useful to meet project leaders of the ITEA2 call 4 proposed consortia, which eSpace is planning on partaking in.