Unlock The Impact Of EdTech

Unlock The Impact Of EdTech

EdTech makes learning easier, efficient, affordable and accessible. It also helps educational institutions to stay innovative, while reducing the extra expenses.

With more than 10 years of EdTech experience, eSpace crafted many solutions with the goal of revolutionizing teaching and training practices to help entities and businesses implement efficient, reliable solutions to greatly improve the learning environment and make it more enjoyable and accessible.

Since 2013, eSpace has been cooperating with Rwaq, the first Arabic MOOC, to offer free academic materials in the Arabic language in various fields and disciplines. Rwaq was mentioned in the UNESCO report Making Sense of MOOCs as one of the most used MOOCs in MENA region.

eSpace also helped governmental entities such as Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Saudi National Center for Performance Measurement (ADAA) revolutionize employee training, by offering an innovative online learning portal to deliver a creative and enjoyable training experience.

Our solutions have been used by millions of users to enjoy an accessible, reliable and innovative learning experience.

eSpace specializes in shaping education/training processes and taking it to the next level by crafting customized EdTech solutions either self hosted or cloud based to boost your learning experience.

Let’s talk: sales@espace.com.eg

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