Leading Digital Transformation In MENA

Leading Digital Transformation In MENA

Digital transformation is vital to organizations’ success. It allows an organization to be ahead of the competition, ensures growth and increases profit.

eSpace has spent more than 20 years assisting organizations including Google, Vodafone, Etisalat, the Egyptian and Saudi governments in increasing their impact through digital transformation. Here are few examples of how we helped organizations benefit from digital transformation:

  • Egyptian National Elections Authority

We transformed the way of managing all elections and referendums in Egypt. eSpace developed an online system that allows citizens to know their polling location online, and send complaints to the authority.  The system facilitates observers registration, out of country voters and reporting results.

  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labor

We helped the Saudi ministry of Labor in regulating Saudi freelancers and casual workers. Starting with registering them to benefit from governmental services, matchmaking them with business owners to collaborate on projects posted on several online platforms that we developed.

  • Saudi Arabia SMEs

eSpace developed tools to transform Saudi SMEs policies as well as measure its performance according to the governmental metrics, to help them improve.

  • Governmental Employees Training in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

eSpace deployed an online employee training platform that enabled both Egyptian and Saudi governments to provide training to their employees online and removed the headache of relocating them to training centers.

At eSpace, we specialize in helping organizations benefit from digital transformation, improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and create the best digital experience. We will be happy to create your digital transformation success story.

Let’s Talk: sales@espace.com.eg

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