Interactive OnDemand tutoring application.


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Interactive OnDemand tutoring application.

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1. Background

Students in Kuwait get stuck in solving problems and often need help with their studies. There is a lack of private tutoring and there are difficulties in connecting to tutors.

2. Client Requirements

The client wanted to develop an interactive and on-demand application to facilitate tutoring. The application was to allow school or college students to get help with their homework and studies at any time, from anywhere by connecting them within moments to specialized and trained tutors.

3. The Challenges

Time was a major challenge because the application needed to be ready by the start of the new school year – and so the deadline was non-negotiable. Also, the processes of matchmaking between students and tutors and of filtering out tutors by availability and necessary criteria was another consideration. Finally, the application admin was required to monitor the whole system.

4. The Solutions

eSpace developed an application with a user-friendly interface that supported two languages (English & Arabic) for ease of communication. Initially, the application supported two subjects, but more were added later on. Tutors and students are matched using a module that filters tutors by availability and the criteria required by the student. When a match is found, both the tutor and the student agree to start a lesson. A tracking module keeps track of the student’s balance and any connectivity issues that either party might be experiencing. It also handles ratings and comments provided by the student once the lesson ends. The application administrator is able to monitor the entire system and access different statistics about the usage of the platform.

5. The Outcome

Darisni is the region’s first and largest online platform that provides instant and affordable tutoring services and educational content. It also provides 24/7 access through smartphones or tablets. Darisni is mapped in accordance with the curricula of Arabic schools, and the interactive, multi subject platform delivers a seamless discovery-based and personalized experience that brings unparalleled value to the world of supplemental learning. The application has served people from 25 countries, has 260,000 registered users and more than 300 trained tutors.