Yasser's talk, which was entitled “NeverBlock: Trivial Non-Blocking IO for Ruby”, covered how people can use NeverBlock to transparently gain IO parallelism in Ruby (and Rails) web applications. On another note, NeverBlock is finally in production, having been deployed on eSpace's very own MeOwns.com.

You can watch Yasser's talk,  and the presentation's powerpoint, here.

Yasser discussed NeverBlock, eSpace's contribution to Ruby applications in his talk “NeverBlock: Trivial Non-Blocking IO for Ruby”. The talk took place on the first day of the conference, in parallel with other sessions, and has managed to generate some positive buzz and feedback. Find the conference schedule here.

RubyConf2008 has been organized annually since 2002 by Ruby Central, a non-profit organization based in the United States which is dedicated to supporting and advocating Ruby.

We are proud to announce that we released NeverBlock. NeverBlock is one of our contributions to solve concurrency issues in Ruby and Rails. This contribution should be the first of a series, that will target Scalability issues in Ruby on Rails Web Applications.
eSpace was one of the sponsors of Wikimania 2008. Wikimania is a regular conference for all Wikimedians who contribute to one of the many Wikimedia Foundation projects. Past conferences have been held in popular cities around the world such as Frankfurt, Germany (Wikimania 2005), Boston, USA (Wikimania 2006) and Taipei, Taiwan (Wikimania 2007). This year it will be held in Alexandria, Egypt.
eSpace was one of the main attendees in the last ABAN event. eSpace featured weNear one of its spin-offs. eSpace was able to grab the attention of the audience with the different implementations if weNear.