Web Apps

It's easy to talk about a company and make it sound special, so how about we talk about numbers?

At any given time, if you look at Alexa's list of the 25 sites visited by Egyptians, an eSpacian site will be on that list. At times of elections, expect to find more.

When The Next Web published their article about 15 Middle East Startups people should know about, three of the ones on the list were developed by eSpace.

These are solid facts; many people's interpretation of them may differ, but here's ours.

We are a growing company that is breaking ground in the region, and when it comes to web apps, we are at the top of our game. So what is it exactly that makes our work special?

  1. Scalability: Over the past few years we have continuously excelled when it comes to producing a scalable web app, and one of our crowning achievements is the Egypt's elections website http://www.elections.eg. What began as voluntary work on our part for the March 2011 referendum grew into a commitment to taking care of all of the elections that Egypt has been facing since the 2011 revolution. The elections site is dedicated to the entire voting population of Egypt, both at home and overseas, and as such needed to be as scalable as possible so as to accommodate continuous growth and information input. 
  2. Clustering: When it comes to data mining and clustering, we know what we're doing. eSpace's Akhbarak.net is a prime example of what clustering can achieve, gathering news from many different sources and presenting them to the user in a single place, in an organized fashion. 
  3. Crawling: Akhbarak.net also illustrates our expertise in crawling, as does shahbunder.com, the site that brings to its users all the deals from all the deal sites all over Egypt, aggregated in a single place. 

While these three components may be what makes our work a little different, eSpace is capable of adapting to its customers needs and requirements. We have gained much expertise on the way in terms of creating portals/forums, integrating with social networks, and designing web apps that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the navigating fingers. Here you can find web apps that we helped bring to life.