Read more: Celebrating SAIFI Delivery To The Saudi Ministry of Labor

Today, eSpace is celebrating the delivery of SAIFI Portal, the students training program introduced by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund "HRDF" to the Saudi students.

SAIFI Portal offers a better training opportunities to Saudi students during summer vacation to help them acquire and improve the required skills and experience. The program brings students, training centers and companies together to facilitate the students training and prepare them to be ready for the labor market.

Our team created a new success story by delivering the portal features on time although the time was limited and the schedule was tight as a result of the program deadlines.

Read more:  Launching Junnah - An Arabic Online Healthcare Portal

We are proud that we successfully delivered Junnah "", an Arabic online health and fitness platform that provides interactive training programs, to prevent and deal with common diseases in the Arabic world such as diabetes. The platform aims to increase health awareness among Arab world.

The interactive programs will be designed and delivered online in co-operation with other healthcare institutes and under the supervision of professional specialists.

Our client Rwaq celebrates it's frist year anniversary, serving more than 100K students from 144 Countries.

Rwaq in a year:

  • More than 100K students from 144 countries.
  • More than 50 courses.
  • 54 instructors.
  • 65 ambassadors.

Rwaq also open the door for partenrship with universities, institutes and learning organizations.

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Read more: eSpace Delivering The Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 Protal

eSpace, the company behind since its debut in 2011, is proud to be the technology partner with the Egyptian Government on the currently running 2014 Egyptian Presidential Elections. We perfectly delivered the technical requirements on time for the Egyptians living abroad voting till the results released today in the press conference held by the presidential election committee.

Read more: eSpace Deliveres The Turkish House Elections Portal In Partnership With Google

We have been working in partnership with google on developing an online portal for the coming Turkish House Elections that will be held in March 2014.

The portal features - in addition to useful news about the electoral process and candidates – a hangouts calendar for each candidate to follow their schedule as well as the news trends and search trends for each candidate to give a complete overview about each candidate.

The portal feature and interactive map that lists candidates nominated for each district and city as well as the party information. The interactive map will also show live results that can be views for each city and district.