Just as the visit to Luxembourg a couple months ago, eSpace, under the sponsorship of ITIDA, was there to affirm the presence of Egypt in the collaboration of Mediterranean Neighborhood countries with the European Commission. eSpace, as one of the five companies selected as the most innovative software companies in Egypt, had the joint responsibility to show the prowess of Egyptian technology companies. Indeed Egypt made a strong start, with 25 companies being considered in proposed projects for ITEA2 call 4 – and all on the first time ever for Egypt to participate.

The symposium, which took place October 29, 30, was a mix between lectures, presentations, and an exhibition with over 60 projects showcasing their results and achievements. One such project that caught our eye, running for three years now and nearing completion, was Flexi, which works on putting a standard for Agile in large companies and projects. It was also particularly useful to meet project leaders of the ITEA2 call 4 proposed consortia, which eSpace is planning on partaking in.



eSpace's lead developer, Hatem Mahmoud, will be giving a talk during the final day of the conference, covering a field that eSpace has much interest in; Web 3.0: The Semantic Web. Hatem's talk will be one of two computer science sessions throughout the conference, with the other being IBM's Dr. Ahmed El-Mahdy's session on Cloud Computing. The schedule and more information about the conference can be found here

The first Alexandria IntallFest will be the sixth InstallFest organized by EGLUG, and will be a thorough event dedicated to the propogation of FOSS. The event will be a day long of sessions dealing with FOSSes, their  uses and advantages. Guests are invited to bring their laptops and desktops to have open source operating systems intstalled on them.


The event will be taking place from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on March the 9th at ITI Alexandria (1 Moahmoud Said St., Shohada Square, Main Post Office Building). Be sure to join us with your laptop or desktop, or even without!

For more information on what happens in an InstallFest, click here.

For more information on why you should be interested in FOSS, click here.


ArabCrunch Demo is an event designated to showcase and discuss technologies developed by promising Arab startups and established companies. eSpace's Hamdy Khalil will be showcasing  wenear and its API and will be conducting an open discussion about its benefits and possible applications.

For more information on the event, check here.

For more information on wenear, check here.

As of now, all future eSpace projects, including those currently under development, will be utilizing NeverBlock's technology. While we are currently using NeverBlock with Rails 2.1, a team of eSpace's developers are working at bringing NeverBlock's abilities to the world of Rails 2.2; stay tuned for its completion!