Sharek Initiative: The biggest online contribution on the new Egyptian constitution draft.

Last August, eSpace collaborated with Egypt's Constituent Assembly in enabling citizens to express their opinions and views about the articles of the constitution as they were being drafted; the collaboration gave birth to 

The drafted articles were issued periodically by the Constituent Assembly and published on the website.

The following infographic represents Egyptians' activity on Sharek over a period of five months.


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The Launch of

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Presenting smart internet solutions that allow for citizens’ involvement with governments.

Following the success of our series of elections websites, eSpace proudly announces the launch of the first Arab hub for transparency enhancing solutions, The region witnessed an unprecedented success with the launch of, followed by and then, serving the Egyptian referendum, the parliamentary and the presidential elections. This success persistently called for a series of government empowering websites that would enable collaboration with citizens.

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Technology Empowered Presidential Elections in the Middle East for the First Time

It has never happened before in the Middle East, and is expected to be a bud for more collaborative governmental online solutions. put the basic blocks for an advanced elections system that would inspire citizens to take an active role and allow the government to reach out for them. 

With such a huge population living inside the country and abroad, provided Egyptian everywhere with an easy to use tool to realize their dream of voting for their country’s president. Not only because it presented a bunch of features and services using non-costly open source software, but also because it enhanced the government’s credibility and transparency, the thing that encouraged citizens’ participation.

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eSpace at the Government's Elections API Launch Seminar

On the 28th of September, eSpace attended an event organized by the High Elections Committee and the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, in collaboration with Google. The event was intended to be a launch seminar about an elections API, that is based on Google Elections API. As a technology partner of Google, eSpace has developed the API, and during the event eSpace's CTO, Hamdy Khalil, introduced the audience to the API and its purpose.

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Over the past few months, Google has been collaborating with the government in producing a website that is intended to ease Egyptians' method of acquiring knowledge about the forthcoming elections. eSpace as a Google development partner on this project, developed an API for the website, which we hope will allow other developers the chance to utilize the information acquired by eSpace so as to create sites of importance to the general public.

Marginize and eSpace on Alhurra

Watch as Marginize's Ziad Sultan explains the product and its partnership with eSpace on the program, i-Tech Entrepreneurs.

Even though the show is in Arabic, you can experience Marginize for yourself on the YouTube page.