Google has always given its full fledged support towards amplifying all international users' experience online, and the Arab world is no exception. Google Translation, Ta3reeb and others have been attempts to share the ultimate web experience with all, and up next is the iGoogle Arabic edition.

Espace shares some of the same visions that Google does. We are dedicated to technical progress of the Arab region and have been supporting the progress of Arabic content since having setup. When Google needed the iGoogle experience to be the best it could, we were lucky enough that our reputation merited us as legible partners in this quest.

Espace is currently developing several Arabic Google gadgets in preparation for the Arabic iGoogle launch. We will be participating in many fields such as sports, fun, news...etc. Together with Google, we hope to make the Arabic user's experience as rewarding as everyone else's. Our first iGoogle gadget is already available; add Filgoal, the football tracker at