Presenting smart internet solutions that allow for citizens’ involvement with governments.

Following the success of our series of elections websites, eSpace proudly announces the launch of the first Arab hub for transparency enhancing solutions, The region witnessed an unprecedented success with the launch of, followed by and then, serving the Egyptian referendum, the parliamentary and the presidential elections. This success persistently called for a series of government empowering websites that would enable collaboration with citizens.

eSpace has mastered the development of simple and smart online solutions that bridge the gap between governments and citizens. With a long term vision of becoming the governments’ and NGOs’ technological arm for enhancing transparency, we work on understanding each country’s concerns and presenting the appropriate solutions. was a fully voluntary initiative presented after government officials requested our help. Following its success, we were requested to develop another more complex website that would serve the parliamentary elections, and encourage citizens to collaborate and go vote for their first time. With Google as sponsors, we were able to dedicate some of our best calibers to coming up with Besides enabling Egyptian citizens to find out their electoral details and voting location, it inspired out-of-country voters who have long been living abroad, to issue a national ID. It also provided them with an easy means of participating in the elections with their vote., built to serve the presidential elections, has made a huge leap in the elections process in the region. In every way, it has formed a link between the Egyptian government and the people.

Now Sawty has also launched, the first Arab website that enables citizens to follow up with parliament sessions and collaborate with their representatives. It transforms the whole parliament system to a more constructive and effective one.

Two other websites are currently in the incubator. One of them is to support the transform of citizen suggestions to improve their country into real plans, Afkary. The other works as a complaint channel for citizens to report road problems, Tareeqy. Both websites are currently under construction and could be a turning point to many Arab governments.

Sawty works on any initiative that serves government transparency strategies. We may customize one of our previous websites to suit any country’s needs or design one from scratch to perfectly fit new requirements. Whatever way we do it, we hope for the MENA region to have a strong technology platform that would empower officials and NPOs to breakthrough their challenges and witness an unprecedented development.